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More Roadwork to Be Done in Birmingham, Per a Recent Committee Meeting

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

By Tierra Sheffield

James Fowler speaking at the committee meeting, taken from livestream

Three roadwork items were passed at Monday’s Budget and Finance Committee meeting, allowing Birmingham to focus more money and manpower on repairing roads throughout the city.

“Collectively, these three items fund and help us tee this up to take it to bid over the winter, and then in the spring, this work would begin,” said James Fowler, director of the Department of Traffic Engineering.

These projects are estimated to cost the city about $5 million within the fiscal year ending June 2021, according to Fowler.

The streets in these projects include Grants Mill Road, Springville Road, parts of Highland Avenue—from 26th Street South to 23rd Street South—and Lawson Road, Fowler said.

According to the Budget and Finance Committee Chair, Valerie Abbott, Palisades Boulevard is a road that comes up for motion more than the council would like it to.

“It keeps on raising its ugly head and if you drive down it, it’s not that bad so why did we select this one,” Abbott said.

Fowler said the way one views Palisades Boulevard depends on the section that you’re driving because the roads are more heavily used the closer you get to the interstate.

“There are quite a few potholes and patches and repairs in that section as you get further away from the interstate it doesn’t prove that it still does need to be resurfaced,” Fowler said.

Abbot asked if the status of the weather is affecting the pavement of current roads.

“The requirement for weather is forty degrees or higher, forty degrees in rising what we have to watch out there is if it looks like it’s going to get cold the asphalt plants won’t open up and won’t produce materials for the companies to go out and buy” said Mike Eddington, an engineer for the city of Birmingham.

Eddington said work on the Hanover site in Homewood was supposed be finished, but it will have to become a separate project that will also need funding from the city.

Edited by Hannah Warren, Ryan Michaels & John H. Glenn

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